Creative Journaling with Angela and Ila

My name is Angela Clement. I am a former school principal, speaker, writer, energy healer and the creator and host of the Awaken Your Soul’s Journey Series on grief.  When my husband Blaine was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in January 2021, I used my knowledge of energy healing to help Blaine with his symptoms and myself through the intense emotion.

After Blaine transitioned in October 2021, I continued my study, seeking support from healers and coaches to help me. I have since hosted four online summits interviewing over 100 experts in grief. This information has helped me expand my new life and build a supportive community. I am passionate about helping others that are grieving find hope and live a life of joy and meaning after loss. I want people to have the resources I was looking for following my devastating loss.

A certified grief counselor, I help people in one-on-one and group settings reconnect with their authentic selves after loss.

My name is Ila Sender. Discover the transformative journey of journaling with me! 

A Chicago native educated in Los Angeles, I've woven journaling into my life. As an elementary teacher and piano instructor in Southern California, I've guided others through journaling in both live and virtual workshops.

With 36 years of marriage and adult children, I've found solace and growth through journaling. Join me in this class to explore creativity, personal development, and well-being through the art of journaling. Let's navigate this introspective adventure together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a writer?

You do not have to be a "writer" to do creative journaling. The process is creative and so however you express yourself on the paper is the right way. There is no wrong way to do this!

Do I have to share?

You do not have to share your work with the group. Although we do provide opportunities for our participants to share their words out loud because it is powerful for their healing, there is no obligation to do so unless you feel comfortable.

Ila will guide you step by step!

The ones who have attended Ila's sessions find themselves coming back again and again. See the testimonials below. They have found that it has opened them back up to writing, even when they felt they had been unable to since their loss. They enjoy the peace and the clarity they get from taking the time to express their thoughts and feelings on paper. Ila will lead you step by step through the journey. She makes it so easy!

Here is what you will get in a Creative Journaling Package

- three personalized creative journaling sessions tailored to your needs

- expert guidance and prompts to help you unlock your creativity and express your true authentic self

- a safe, supported and sacred space to explore your emotions, memories, and aspirations

- tools and techniques to enhance your self-reflection and personal growth journey